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Join me on my new venture, where every week, I will post something, anything, on topics regarding philosophy, music, literature, economics, history, etc. I’ve only just begun!


I’ve been drawn in by philosophy through a few different areas of focus: the mind, and consciousness; morality, and justice. Hopefully, you find them interesting too. That is my goal!


Literature is one of my favorite pastimes. I will write a review. . .well, more like my thoughts, on each novel that I read. I find literature to be a humanist project of the kind that which allows for the opportunity in bringing people together, but in a way that focuses on the human condition, and what it is to be a human being. Very simple, but convivially profound.


As a jazz and classical pianist, albeit recreationally, music has been a central component to my life. I hope to express my love for music in a way that can highlight the humanity, and what John Coltrane referred to as “A Love Supreme,” in these pieces, compositions, albums, etc., that I share in an effort to spark in interest for further exploration.

“You must see that tribe as it is today is as colonial a product as nation and race.”

– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

” A man is more a man by the things he remains silent about than by the things he says.”

– Albert Camus

“Beauty is a veiled contradiction.”

– Jean-Paul Sartre
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